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“Queen of the Sciences: Conversations between a Theologian and Her Dad.” That’s me and Paul R. Hinlicky discussing all manner of things pertaining to the Christian faith, from individual books of the Bible to doctrinal topics to personal matters of prayer and church life.


I’ve written three books on theological topics, with more to come! Learn more about Woman, Women, and the Priesthood; A Guide to Pentecostal Movements for Lutherans; and Luther, Thrice… plus a handful of books I’ve edited, and a bunch I’ve contributed to.




I’ve published well over a hundred articles on theological and spiritual topics. Find here a selection of my favorites, as well as the archive of all my Lutheran Forum articles from my years as editor (2007–2018).


I’ve taught courses in Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Taiwan, lectured at conferences at Yale and the University of Mary, led workshops at synod assemblies from Washington DC to South Dakota, and even given a standing-room-only presentation on Reformation Day 2017 in Wittenberg! Find out more here.

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