Life Told Backward

I've lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, since July 2016.

From 2008 to 2016 I lived with my family in Strasbourg, France, where I worked at the Institute for Ecumenical Research, a close affiliate of the Lutheran World Federation, specializing in Eastern Orthodoxy and Pentecostalism. I continue to serve as a Visiting Professor of the Institute and, as such, the Consultant to the International Lutheran-Pentecostal Dialogue.

In 2010, my husband Andrew L. Wilson and I followed the footsteps of Martin Luther's pilgrimage from Germany to Rome five hundred (or maybe four hundred ninety-nine) years earlier.

I earned a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology in 2008 and an M.Div. in 2003 at Princeton Theological Seminary. During that time, Andrew and I got married and became parents to Zeke. I served as pastor at a Slovak-American church in Trenton, New Jersey, and became the editor of Lutheran Forum, an independent theological quarterly.

Before graduate school I spent one year working at First Things, where I first started publishing theological essays. Since my first in October 1998, I've published over one hundred articles in popular venues like Christianity Today, The Christian Century, and Books & Culture, as well as scholarly journals like Pro Ecclesia, Pneuma, Lutheran Quarterly, and Concordia Journal.

I got a B.A. in Theology and Philosophy from Lenoir-Rhyne College (which has since upgraded to Lenoir-Rhyne University).

Between high school and college I spent a year living in Slovakia with my parents and brother, where I learned to chatter in Slovak about food, piety, and boys.

I did my growing up in New York and New Jersey and still think of myself as a New Yorker, even though I haven't lived there since the last millennium.