From Fall 2007 through Winter 2018 I served as Editor of Lutheran Forum, an independent theological quarterly for North American Lutherans and their ecumenical and global friends. Here is the complete archive of all my editorials from that period.


The Church and Happiness
To Be Pro-Life in Every Way
At the Table Again with Babette
‘Fasting and Bodily Preparations Are a Good External Discipline’

Everything You Know about Martin Luther Is Wrong
Still Life with Baptism
The Verbs of the Resurrection
A Primer on Luther’s Politics

Maria Adoptrix
How Is Your Revival Going?
Luther by Means of Mark

Marriage Matters
Whose Flannery?
Why Preach the Law?
The Sacraments in Time, Space, and Matter

Learning to Love Leviticus
Prosperity Identified, Dissected, and Reconfigured
A Lutheran Reflection on C. S. Lewis
Loving Brothers, Neighbors, and Enemies

Where Have All the Women Gone?
Reflections Five Years into Ecumenism
The Second Pentecost
Jesus Christ, Horror-Defeater

What to Do about 2017?
II Corinthians Vespers
Experiments in Gospel Translation, Part 2
Experiments in Gospel Translation, Part 1

Law and Gospel (With Some Help from St. John)
On Rereading the Book of Concord
Exodus Matins
What Has Erfurt to Do with Rome?

Mildly Opposed to Infant Communion
Joyful Exchanges, Part 2
Joyful Exchanges, Part 1
Preaching the Trinity

Why Stay?
Ecumenical Liturgy, Its Possibilities and Problems
Speak the Truth in Love
Saints for Sinners

The Face of Jesus, Part 2
The Face of Jesus, Part 1
The Epistle of Eutyche
Peace, Peace, When There Is No Peace

One Little Word Subdues Him
Church Breaks Your Heart

Not sure where to get started? My favorite article from my whole tenure is “Learning to Love Leviticus” (2014). The others in the top five are “The Verbs of the Resurrection” (2017), “Jesus Christ, Horror-Defeater” (2013), “Saints for Sinners” (2009), and “The Epistle of Eutyche” (2008).

On “popular culture” (very loosely interpreted), see “At the Table Again with Babette” (2018), “Whose Flannery?” (2015), and “A Lutheran Interpretation of C. S. Lewis” (2014).

On the church and how to survive it, including how to think about ecumenism, see “The Church and Happiness” (2018), “How Is Your Revival Going?” (2016), “The Second Pentecost” (2013), “Reflections Five Years into Ecumenism” (2013), “What Has Erfurt to Do with Rome?” (2011), “Why Stay?” (2009), and “Church Breaks Your Heart” (2007).

For classical Lutheran themes, see “Everything You Know about Martin Luther Is Wrong” (2017), “A Primer on Luther’s Politics” (2017), “Luther by Means of Mark” (2016), “Why Preach the Law?” (2015), “What To Do about 2017?” (2012), “On Rereading the Book of Concord” (2011), “Law and Gospel (With Some Help from St. John” (2011), “Preaching the Trinity” (2010), and “Joyful Exchanges” (parts 1 and 2, 2010).

On the sacraments, see “Still Life with Baptism” (2017), “The Sacraments in Time, Space, and Matter” (2015), and “Mildly Opposed to Infant Communion” (2010).

As for ethics, try “To Be Pro-Life in Every Way” (2018), “‘Fasting and Bodily Preparations Are a Good External Discipline’” (2018), “Marriage Matters” (2015), “Prosperity Identified, Dissected, and Reconfigured” (2014), “Loving Brothers, Neighbors, and Enemies” (2014), and “Where Have All the Women Gone?” (2013).

For experimental and marginal stuff, see “Maria Adoptrix” (2016), “II Corinthians Vespers” (2012), “Experiments in Gospel Translation” (2012), “Exodus Matins” (2011), and “The Face of Jesus” (parts 1 and 2, 2008).