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So, as usual, a few years behind everyone else I discovered podcasts.

And, sort of like with books when I was five, I loved podcasts so much that I wanted to make my own. Only problem was, while I had no trouble dreaming up endless titles to write, I had no idea what to podcast about.

Well, said I to myself, it had probably better be something you already know about. So that would make it theology. Monologuing about theology did not appeal to me. Nor did being an interviewer of a bunch of other theologians.

I asked myself: who would I actually want to talk to theology about, week after week?

Oh, right. Dad!

S01E01. What Is Theology and Who Needs It?
S01E02. Is Scripture Holy?
S01E03. The Gospel of Mark, Part 1
S01E04. The Gospel of Mark, Part 2
S01E05. Triple Predestination
S01E06. Athanasius Against the World
S01E07. Justification by Faith: The Best Thing in the Worst Words
S01E08. Japanese Theologian Kazoh Kitamori
S01E09. The Book of Joshua
S01E10. All About Prayer
S01E11. The Relationship between the Old and New Testaments
S01E12. The First Two-Thirds of Acts
S01E13. Baptism, Infant and Otherwise

Coming up!
S01E14. Spirits, Holy and Otherwise
S01E15. One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church: The Worst Thing in the Best Words
S01E16. Faith to the Aid of Reason
S01E17. Samuel Štefán Osusky’s Faith to the Aid of Reason
S01E18. What Is a Person?