Explorations in Martin Luther's Theology


About the (Chinese) Book

In April 2016 I was invited to present nine lectures over three days at China Evangelical Seminary in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of the school's preparatory celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017. The theme of the lectures was "Reconsidering Martin Luther for the 2017 Reformation Anniversary: Theological Insights and Ecumenical Hopes." Read more about this fantastic experience on the blog.

Taosheng Publishing House, which serves Chinese Lutherans in Taiwan and Hong Kong, has had the book translated into Chinese by my friend (and interpreter while I was in Taipei) Yuan-Wei Liao. Those who can or wish to read Chinese can order the book directly from Taosheng.

About the (English) Book

For those who don’t read Chinese (myself included!), I’ve prepared an English-language edition of the lectures, entitled Luther, Thrice: Three Ways of Looking at Martin Luther’s Theology—Justification, Law & Gospel, Baptism—Each Set in Dialogue with Another Point of View. Catchy, isn’t it? I miss the good old days of book titles that filled the whole first page.

  • Part 1 looks at “Luther’s Medieval Context and Reformation Breakthrough” with discussion of the 95 Theses from 1517, the lesser known Theses on the Remission of Sins from 1518, and recent Lutheran-Roman Catholic dialogue.

  • Part 2 looks at “Law and Gospel at the Heart of Luther's Theology,” especially how law and gospel play out in the Large Catechism, and what implications the distinction between law and gospel have for Lutheran-Jewish relations.

  • Part 3 looks at “Baptism as the Practice of Luther’s Theology,” how this sacrament expresses and enacts Luther’ core understanding of justification by faith, his retention and reform of the baptism of infants, and reconciliation between Anabaptist-Mennonites and Lutherans.

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And just in case you do actually read Chinese...

Here is a PDF of an article I originally wrote for Lutheran Quarterly on “The Law of God” translated into Chinese.