Here’s how I became an avid home cook.

  1. My mom was (and is) an avid home cook.

  2. I have a fickle stomach, but it’s a lot less fickle when I feed it food I make myself.

  3. I didn’t have a lot of money when I launched into adult life, and it was cheaper to cook than to buy prepared food.

  4. I am a glutton with a profound hunger for novelty where foodstuffs are concerned.

But actually, it turns out that feeding myself is only part of it. If we are to discern what we’re supposed to do with our lives by what we actually do with our lives, then my calling in life is to make dinner. Usually just for my husband and son, but I’ll happily feed anyone who comes within reach of my wooden spoon. Turns out that fits in pretty well with my other callings as theologian and writer: if you’re too far away to be fed food, I’ll settle for feeding you words.


Theology & a Recipe Newsletter

So, why not combine two things and make both better? This is a quarterly newsletter to feed body and soul alike: reflections on the Christian faith along with a recipe for something delicious—and deliciously matched to the topic at hand. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

Food on the Blog

I know, I know, food blogging is sooo 2002. I’ve never been ashamed to be way behind the times. Seriously, does anyone ever have enough recipes? At last count I owned 108 cookbooks, but that hasn’t stopped me from buying more. Check these out on the offchance you missed the fermentation craze or feel a keen lack of Slovak cuisine in your repetoire.



Cookbook Reviews… and a Cookbook

I tend to cook frenetically out of my chosen cookbooks, making everything out of the ones I love and tossing aside the ones that have failed me. Here, reviews of my favorites.

And, inevitably, one day, a cookbook of my own. Details to come.